Chatoyance is a surface optical property of some materials. It causes them to appear differently when seen from different angles and produces a narrow band of reflected light from beneath the surface.  As the direction of light changes the band of light moves.

As metaphor, the practice of mindfulness, the practice of tuning into frequencies of sound and healing tones, and the practice of asking questions of ourselves all offer different and deepening perspective. These practices have the potential to illuminate, to move a life in a more intentional direction. They can support us in getting clarity on what intention we bring to a day and in tuning in to the good and to the light around us. This draws our own inner light to the surface and that reflects , in turn, to the world around. This we can offer each other. 


I've been a musician and music creator all my life. Music has been joy, solace, healer, teacher. 

Stress and anxiety has long been a challenge in my life and finding a healthy way to address that, without self medicating, has been life changing. Learning how to decompress was and is still key. Much has been learned in my travels and studies - about the importance of healthy eating, about movement, about connection to others, about a sense of purpose, and about the all important dialing down of stressors. While I don't do any of it perfectly in my life, I have tools to re-start any moment of any day and every day I'm grateful for that. 

Whether as a complement to your medical professional's treatment plan, as support in preventative change and lifestyle choices, or simply as a way to ease your stress, helping you navigate a path to wholeness, wellness and purpose through coaching, through inquiry, through mindfulness, and through sound, voice and music is joy.


Wendy is a musician, vocalist and composer, Certified Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is also a Certified Yoga Coach and Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach. She has been practicing meditation for over 30 years. Weaving those practices into daily life, into creative life and in deepening study, then sharing that with others, is a lifelong process and a life's work.